Dave Ross

(This parody was first written March 5, 1992 when the Michaelangelo virus made news.  It's been adapted several times; recently as this shortened edition for the Y2K story.  The sound track was programmed on an ESQ-1 slaved to a Yamaha SY55, and mixed using the KORG K-8 Digital Recording Studio)



Nobody knows where it comes from / Nobody knows why it's here
Nobody knows what it looks like / But this much is pretty clear.

If it is in your computer / You're living on borrowed time
You'll try to retrieve your data / And suddenly you will find:

An Empty P-C / Empty P-C!
In just a few seconds all of your records
Have been fricasseed.

Before we HAD all these machines
We never knew what disaster could mean.
All of my spreadsheets
Empty P-C!


Emergency! Empty P-C.
Your information takes a vacation permanently.
Suddenly everything is blank
You have outdated software to thank.
All of your data incinerated
Go and press buttons, still you'll get nothing.
Worse than the virus, bring back payprus!
Empty P-C!

David Ross 2000